Cumbria is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the UK, attracting around 40 million visitors each year to its exciting cities and world-renowned National Parks. The county, with its stunning landscape of mountains and lakes, has a strong literary heritage. University of Cumbria is amalgamation of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Charlotte Mason College, St Martin College and Newton Rigg. We provide you with life-changing opportunities. A university education is the passport to where you want to go professionally and personally. The University of Cumbria can help you define that journey.

The University has a firm commitment to, and a history of, accessible higher education regionally, nationally and internationally. At the center of the university’s mission is the provision of an accessible and outstanding student experience and we aim to ensure as many people as possible benefit from the transformational opportunities provided by higher education. This includes seeing many students from less advantaged backgrounds succeed in higher education.


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