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Our contemporary world is a product of all past human thought and endeavor. Historians use evidence to show how the past shapes our present lives. In this way, historians make sense of how the world works. They investigate how past societies, cultures, and beliefs created our contemporary world, and continue to affect our lives, shape our politics, and mold our perspectives.

USQ’s History major provides you with important, transferable skills in critical thinking, decision making, research, analysis, expression, and communication, which are all highly relevant to contemporary careers in government, non-government, and private sectors. At USQ, you will develop knowledge and skills pertaining to a diverse range of historical contexts, such as the study of war, globalization, migration, national and community identification, inequality, and radical change.

History students often combine their studies with other areas such as International Relations, Journalism, Education, Law, Anthropology, Social Justice, and social sciences such as Politics or Economics.

Why USQ?

USQ is ranked as No. 1 in Australia for graduate starting salary, for three years in a row.

Values and Culture:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Now. Always

Campuses of USQ

  • USQ Toowoomba
  • USQ Springfield
  • USQ lspwich
  • USQ Hub@Stanthorpe

National Ranking

USQ is ranked 32 in Australia

QS Ranking

USQ is ranked as 751 in the world

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