New Zealand

New Zealand

The “Land of the Long White Cloud” provides more than gorgeous blue skies, Studying abroad in New Zealand is an ideal option because it provides wonderful experiences (both in and out of the classroom) and the country’s hospitality is unrivaled.  Every university in New Zealand is highly respected and ranked in the top 3% by QS World University Rankings. In addition to low crime and superb health rates, New Zealand boasts some of the world’s friendliest locals. You will not regret selecting New Zealand as your study abroad destination if getting top-level education at an affordable fee is your major concern. The degrees attained from New Zealand hold worldwide acclamation and are highly reputed. Based on the British education system, the universities in New Zealand focus on nourishing individual skills by providing abundant research and innovation opportunities. New Zealand is offering an easy post-graduation visa procedure to international which leads to permanent residency. The post-graduation visa is offered to all international students regardless of their study program type in New Zealand. The duration of the post-graduation visa however depends on the study program you have completed in New Zealand. The postgraduate diploma or degree holders can have post-graduate visa of 2 to 4 years duration. The international students who have done other courses, degrees or diplomas that are not equivalent to post graduate level can have almost 12 months post-graduation visa duration.

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