A country filled with diversity, culture, and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. International Student life in Malaysia can be an amazing experience due to many advantages that students get to enjoy including low-cost living, diversity in culture and food, and even the weather. Malaysia is UNESCO’s 11th best study abroad destination for international students. Malaysia is a developing country with economic prosperity and an internationally acclaimed education system which attracts international students from a hundred countries each year. Mainly the affordable living and study cost in Malaysia has made it a favorite among international students. In terms of growth and improvement in the education system, Malaysia has remarkable progress in the last decade through collaborations and partnerships with international institutes. You can estimate the affordable study cost of Malaysia through the example of an engineering course at the Bachelors level at a branch campus of UK’s university in Malaysia. The same Bachelors’s level engineering course (3 years duration) in the UK is offered in RM144, 000 (USD45, 000) whereas by studying it in Malaysia you will have to spend RM51, 000 (USD16, 000) through a twinning program. The degrees attained from Malaysian universities also have worldwide recognition because of their quality assurance checking system and credibility.

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