IUBH was founded in Bad Honnef in 1998; lectures began in 2000. In July 2007, the university was taken over by the private equity firm Auctus (Munich). In 2008, IUBH opened a second location in Bad Reichenhall. In July 2009, the Science Council institutionally reaccredited the university for a period of ten years.

IUBH University of Applied Sciences (“IUBH Internationale Hochschule”) is a private, state-accredited university of applied sciences in Germany.

In November 2011, IUBH began offering Distance Learning courses at Bachelor and Master levels. In mid-2013, IUBH merged with the Adam Ries University of Applied Sciences, thereby adding Dual Study to its study models. With the establishment of the IUBH Corporate Programmes in 2014, the rectorate was expanded to include the position of Prorector for Corporate Programmes. On December 10, 2015, the parent company of IUBH, Career Partner GmbH, was taken over by the Apollo Group; since November 2017 Career Partner GmbH has been owned by the British private equity investor group Oakley. In March 2016, IUBH merged with the University Of International Economics & Logistics (HIWL) and since then has been offering the Dual Study model in Bremen under the name IUBH.

In 2019, the headquarters of the university was relocated to Erfurt. Since then, the university has been subject to the Thuringian Higher Education Act

It offers English-language campus-based courses, dual German-language study programs as well as part-time and distance-learning courses in German and English. The university is sponsored by IUBH Internationale Hochschule GmbH, whose sole partner is Career Partner GmbH. The current name of the university goes back to the university’s original, English-language name: International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef – Bonn

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