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Where ever you want to go in World for Study, Breeo International will take you there Call Now: 042 35858043


Breeo International is on the verge of being a decade old in the field of overseas education consulting and we can proudly say that we are one of the best in this Industry. It wasn’t easy reaching where we are today.

Various milestones have been surpassed in the past decade but it has failed to exhaust us. Our aim is to help students who wish to study extensively in their chosen fields in offshore lands. Here at Breeo International, overseas education has been handled in the most professional manner that one could imagine. The efforts we put in have always been rewarded in the form of blessings from the migrant and their family members.

Here at Breeo International we treat all our clients as a part of the family and we see to it that they are the most benefitted rather than it being vice versa. So it can be said that our transparency and the blessings that we truly deserve have been instrumental milestones in our journey to success.

Our Mission is to emphasise on equal opportunities and a flow of Knowledge, Expertise and Ideas regardless of the borders in the right direction to anywhere and everywhere worthy of recognition and rewards.

Our goal is to understand the basic requirements of the students and help them to choose the right course and the university / college accordingly. We would like to be a perfect link between the Universities / Colleges and the aspiring students who would like to study in a foreign land. Our knowledge, professional behaviour, commitment, infrastructure and a highly experienced team at BREEO shall be helpful in achieving our goal of student satisfaction.
Breeo International is an official representative for number of Universities and colleges in United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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